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Wind Caves of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Wind Caves
Wind Caves

Wind caves are formed in sandstone. As the name implies, constant wind blowing against the sandstown removes little pieces of sand and over time, they form little caves. These sandstone caves are within reach from anywhere in the San Diego, Riverside or Imperial counties of California.

Sign to the Wind Caves

To get to the caves from Ocotillo Wells, take Split Mountain Rd 8 miles South to the Fish Creek Wash Area. Turn right when you see this sign.

Drive down the wash to the West. If you are in a car, you should be able to drive at least to the beginning of the canyon, to the Fish Creek Camp area, as long as the wash is dry. Just keep moving in the soft sand areas and don’t stop.

Trucks and SUV’s can drive through the canyon. If you are in a car, you can park on the dry, hard-packed mud on the side of the wash. The hike through the canyon is about 5 miles round-trip.

Emerging from the canyon at the West end, there is a sign on the left for the Wind Caves. A path leads up the hill. Just follow it up to the caves. There are 2 major areas of caves you can visit. One is below and to the right of the main path and the other is over (or around) the hill.

These caves are very interesting and beautiful. Unfortunately, there is a lot of vandalism in the form of graffiti but they are still worth the trip. If you go, please respect this gift from nature.

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