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Indiana Caves and Caverns

Indiana caves and caverns are a gold mine of different types of adventure. Cruise through an underground river at Bluespring Caverns or see ice-age fossils at Indiana Caverns. Try your coin-tossing luck at Marengo Cave. Learn about big names in adventure history at Squire Boone Caverns or experience your own modern adventure on their zip line course.

Bluespring Caverns

Inside Bluespring Caverns

Bluespring Caverns are unique in that the entire cave tour is conducted by boat. That’s because the caverns house the longest known subterranean river in the USA, at over 3 miles long.

Another unusual but welcome feature is the chance to see native cave life in that river. It’s possible to see blind cave fish, blind crayfish, salamanders and bats. The crayfish are fairly abundant and easily seen with the help of the guide’s spotlight.

Scouts and other youth groups can take advantage of the Caverns’ Overnight Adventure where kids can camp underground!

Bluespring Caverns Tour
Bluespring Caverns Tour

Indiana Caverns

These caverns are both one of the newest developed caves and also the longest in Indiana at over 34 miles. Another unique feature of this cave is that many fossils from the ice age were found here. As if that weren’t enough, there are also live blind crayfish and salamanders.

If you still need more adventure, they now have an adventure tour where you spend 4 hours underground, crawling, climbing and kayaking.

Marengo Cave

Marengo Cave

Marengo Cave offers some very nice rooms with colorful formations. But they also have an interesting location where you can participate in a bit of a reverse coin toss. Be sure to visit the page to found out more about this. Another interesting feature is a small underground lake that is quite deceiving. A variety of adventure caving tours are also available.

Squire Boone Caverns

These caverns were named after Squire Boone who discovered them. He was quite the adventurer, even if he isn’t as famous as his brother Daniel Boone. Besides his final resting place inside the cavern, you will also see some fabulous rimstone dams as well as other formations.

Besides learning about the not-so-famous adventurer and his caverns, you can experience your own adventure with the zip lines. Safe and exciting at the same time, it’s not something you’ll want to miss. Check out my video here.

Plenty of Adventure Choices in Indiana

If you like a lot of unique things to do and see in your underground adventures, Indiana is the place to be. Why not get out and explore today?