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Caving Clubs

The best way to get more involved in caving is to join one of the many local caving clubs or “grottoes” across the nation. The National Speleological Society or NSS is a wonderful resource for caving information. Founded in 1941, it is composed of 12 regions of the USA and each region has local chapters called grottoes.

To find a grotto in the USA (and a few in other countries) near you, click here. Once you locate a grotto near you, plan on attending the next meeting. If you decide to join, you’ll learn a lot more about caving techniques, safety and caves in your area. You’ll also get the chance to go on caving trips with them.

While you’re at the NSS website, think about joining. You’ll receive their monthly publication and be able to participate in regional and national events.

Clubs Around the World

Here are some resources to help you find clubs outside the USA:

Australia: Australian Speleological Federation

Canada: Caving Canada

France: French Federation of Speleology

New Zealand: New Zealand Speleological Society

United Kingdom: British Caving Association This website has a list of clubs in the UK but no links to them.
The Start Caving website has better information on clubs.

While some people do go caving alone, it is very dangerous. You should have at least 4 people in your group. The best way to do this is to join a local club and go caving with them.