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Cave Locations

Interested in finding cave locations near your home? Or are you planning a vacation and would like to visit some caves on your trip? Whatever your needs, these interactive maps will help you locate, plan and get directions to caves you’d like to see.

Limestone Caves

This first map shows you the location of popular limestone caves around the world. Just locate the area of the world you’re interested in and zoom in to see more detail. Click on the icon to get more information about a particular cave. If you need detailed directions, just click on the directional arrow at the bottom of the information box and enter your starting point on the page that opens.

Sea Caves, Ice Caves and Lava Tubes

This next map shows you the locations of sea caves, ice caves and lava tubes around the world. The sea caves are the blue icons, the ice caves are white and the lava tubes red.

Marble, Gypsum and Talus Caves

And now we have a map of popular marble, gypsum and talus caves. The marble caves are brown icons, gypsum caves are light-orange and talus caves gray.

Caves of the USA

Because there are so many caves in the USA that are open to the public, I made a map for you of all different types of caves. If you don’t care what type of cave you’re visiting, use this map to plan visits to whatever is near your home or destination.

In this map the icons are color-coded as follows:

Limestone Caves
BlueSea CAves
WhiteIce Caves
RedLava Tubes
BrownMarble Caves
Light OrangeGypsum Caves
GrayTalus Caves

There’s a lot of information here and I’ve tried my best to give you what you need. More cave locations and information will be added to the maps as this site develops. If you find any information that is incorrect, please feel free to contact me. That will help me to help you.

Whatever your plans, I hope these maps help you find your caving adventures!