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Bua Tong Cave

The Buatong Waterfall, also known as “Sticky” waterfall is a well-known tourist attraction about 1 hour northeast of Chiang Mai. What most tourists are not aware of is that there is also a cave nearby. There is really no signage in English to let you know it’s there. Here’s how to find it:

Road Sign
Look for this sign on the way to the waterfall and take the entrance road in the same direction as the main road.
Go through the gate and go on for about 100 meters or so.
On the right, you’ll see the stairway to the cave entrance.

It’s a good workout going up the stairs. They are quite steep so some sturdy footwear is advised.

You’ll know you’re almost there when you see this little greeting party.
Finally there.

Once you reach the entrance to the cave, you will see signs asking you to remove your shoes. This is understandable because it’s common practice in Thailand to remove shoes at temples.

However, this is a cave. I’m sure the monks sweep the floor as much as possible but there are bats here and therefore some amount of guano on the floor. I advise bringing an extra pair of socks to wear inside.

Inside the entrance is a large chamber with a large golden Buddha. You will notice an interesting bluish hue to some parts of the walls and formations.

Behind the large Buddha the natural cave continues, but there is no lighting and it’s a bit of a drop. There used to be a large wooden ladder going down but it’s broken and unusable. Further exploration is not advised without the proper equipment and caving companions.

Although Bua Tong is not a large cave that can be easily explored, it’s a nice side-trip for anyone who’s already in the area to see the waterfall.