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Step Off The Well-Worn Tourist Trail...

...Into The Arms of Mother Earth.

Where I've Been

Stairs to Cave

Nam Pha Pha Ngam Cave

Nam Pha Pha Ngam cave is located at Wat Tham Nam Pha Pha Ngam, a fairly large temple complex on Highway 1 between Tak and Lampang. There is no official tour of the cave that I know of, so it will be...

About Me

Welcome Cave Tourists!

My name is Terry and the idea for this website/blog was born out of my love for caves and the desire to keep sharing that love with others. Ten years ago I started building Adventure-Caves.com. My purpose was to share the adventure of caves with others as well as to explain how caves are formed, the different kinds of caves that exist, cave formations and the wildlife inside caves. It has served as a learning resource for schools as well as a destination information source for my fellow cave tourists.

With this new site and new name, I hope to continue in that service. All the original content is here but I'll be posting new content in a modern blog format. Please check back often and see what's new!

Caving Destinations